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Italian inventor Bill Marconi established himself in Chelmsford to launch his trans-Atlantic wireless communications enterprise. The exhibits show the evolution of wireless radio signals broadcast from wide-spectrum spark generators, the signal being received by a cat's whisker tickling a crystal. Subsequent exhibits show television, radar, and my god-parents' enterprise, infrared engineering. Marconi chose Chelmsford to launch his enterprise because it had a reliable supply of electricity and skilled technical workers already engaged in manufacturing electrical equipment.
Marconi Electronics company coat of armsChelmsford MuseumMorse code key set transmitterSpark wide-frequency spectrum wireless generatorCrystal diode wireless signal detectorMarconi crystal radio set .... portable!Television signal test patternTelevision camera tubesIndustrial broadcast-quality television cameraDisplay of Marconi Electronics Ltd electronic productsElectricity generator set manufactured in ChelmsfordElectricity generator set - detailElectrical instrumentation for measuring voltage and currentElectrical instruments - resistance measurementSpark wireless signal generatorEarly thermionic electronic valveTuning coil

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