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A 'crash' of Unitec cyclists undertook the infamous Taupo Cycle Challenge, Saturday 29 November. The route commenced from Taupo city anticlockwise: a distance of 160 km. One Unitec team participated in the relay, comprising four cyclists.

The 'crash' included (*):
Laurie Richardson, Building Technology, Solo 160km
Steve Withers, Building Technology, Solo 160km
Ross Maskell, Building Technology, Solo 160km
Terry Church, Building Technology, Solo 160km
Gary Hutchings, Plumbing and Gas fitting, Solo 160km
Rob Taylor, Civil Engineering, Solo 160km
Rob Tait, Building Technology, Solo 35km MTB
Sanjeev Kumar, FTBE Administration, 4-person Team
Colin O'Gorman, Building Technology, 4-person Team
Peter Mellalieu, Management and Marketing, 4-person Team
Jono Maskell, Ross’ Son, 4-person Team


Video highlights:

(*) Other suggested collective nouns for several cyclists in a group include entanglement, weave, pose, jostle, pedal, pelaton, carcrash, murder....

In our collective, no one crashed, and no one got seriously injured. Sadly, two people did not make the start due to indispositions elsewhere.

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